In the beginning, God Created.

Today, if we conciously connect to our core, we’ll see that we also have the CREATive gene running in us. It is why we:

– wake up with ideas of more things we can do

– can spot industry challenges and think up ways to solve problems

– constantly want to ‘change’ a narrative.

…Because it is what CREATORS do.



In 2022, I will be working with an exclusive community of Ministry Leaders, Christian Business Executives & Christian Creatives, who are ready to work from their highest self. They are ready to discern, discover and deploy their hidden and aside potential to establish the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven, using power principles embedded in their Creator DNA.

God is setting us up to begin to determine how industry system works as it was inteded from the begining. Your fashion brand has its place in the establishment of Kingdom on earth. Your food or fitness brand is also not left out. It is time to see how your life’s message was designed to deliver the kind of solution the earth needs in this evolving times.

In your hands lie the solution the world needs,and I have been SENT to show you how to mine these solutions that will accelerate your greater influence and income. This is why I am launching this exclusive community coaching program called CREATORS’ CATALYST.